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I'm Michelle, mama to three crazy girls. Yes, emotions can run high at this house! I'm also the nut that is always volunteering to watch everyone else's kiddos because hey, once you hit a certain level of chaos, what's a little more? Trust me, if your kiddos aren't behaving it doesn't faze me! 

I can make awesome bruschetta, guacamole & margaritas.
Chill, happy, goofy, passionate, a little awkward but loveable!

Not ashamed to admit I love musicals and cried when the Newsies broke out in song at Disneyland. This was age 35 by the way lol.

Also 100% ok with dancing in the grocery store if the song & the mood hit me just so. Judge me if you must but it's more fun if you join in!

I'm blessed to have the best friends one could ever have. True story.

I pretty much get giddy about amazing light, beautiful settings, real emotions, playful families & editing in pjs.

This is gonna be fun!